ONV-IPS34064PFM Gigabit Managed Industrial UPOE SwitchManaged industrial UPoE switch with 4*10/100/1000M UPOE ports and 2*100/1000M uplink SFP fiber slot ports , Port 1-4 can support 60W high power UPOE output , IEEE802.3af/at internationla standard. Total power is 250W . Support DC dual power supply , Support DIN rail mounting.
ONV-IPS31064PF Industrial Fiber PoE SwitchUnmanaged 4*10/100M PoE Ports + 2*155M SC ports Industrial Fiber POE Switch,Port 1-4 support PoE, IEEE802.3af/at. Total power is 60W(at-120W).support DIN rail mounting.
ONV-H1108PL PoE SwitchUnmanaged PoE switch with 8* 10/100M PoE ports and 2* 10/100M uplink RJ45 ports. Port 1-8 can support IEEE 802.3af/at PoE Standard. Adjust function switch, Port 1-8 can support 10M/250m long distance transmission . Built-in 120W power supply .
9-Port Super High Power Ethernet PoE Switch9x 10/100M Ethernet ports with 4x super high power PoE ports PoE switch, and single PoE port power can be up to 60W, total power is 250W.